Collection: Content Creation

Web content is an intrical part of website optimization. The more content, the better! But the content can't just be slapped on your website page and expected to help with your rankings. It needs to be deliberate and with a strategy in mind. Just as you're reading this page about web content, each page of your site should discuss a specific topic with an objective to rank for keywords related to that topic. The web content on the page should be written in a way that thoroughly covers the important information related to the topic and have the keywords naturally placed throughout the content to make it both easy to read, but also tells Google and other search engines what the page is about.  Website content also helps you create an internal links to other pages which helps tell search engines which pages of your site are most important. Blog writing has a similar purpose in that you can target more sets of topics and keywords while also building additional links to other important pages of your website.
Content & Blog Writing