SEO & Internet Marketing For Dentists In Utah

If you're a dentists, or work for a dentist, and are looking for the best SEO or internet marketing company in Utah, you've found us. Utah Digital Marketing Experts has more experience providing results to Utah dentists than any other SEO company.

As you probably already figured out, your dental office needs to be on the top page of search engine results when people search for a dentist in your area. This will ensure that individuals who are in need of, and search for, your services will find your business and choose it over your compeititors.  Utah Digital Marketing Experts has the expertise and capability to make your dental office dominate the local search results through local SEO.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) has been the most effective and cost efficient form of marketing for quite some time now. n comparison to other digital marketing techniques, it has been demonstrated to have a higher return on investment. That being said, planning and carrying out local SEO campaigns properly is essential to achieving top search engine results. 

There are two parts to SEO that must be addressed when trying to rank in a competive industry, such as dentistry. The first is on-page SEO (your webite) SEO, and the second is off-page SEO (other websites). 

Everything you do on your own website to increase its' ranking in the search engine results is referred to as on-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to addressing the "basic" components of website search engine optimization, such as keywords, HTML elements, page titles, and mobile friendliness, page speed, content quality, internal linking and more. On-page SEO focuses on making sure search engines can crawl, index, and understand the material on your website. Additionally, it includes methods that enhance the user experience on your website. Making your website easy to view and read for visitors is also a key aspect of on-page SEO because search engines like Google want to recommend the best websites to searchers.

Off-page SEO are the methods used to advertise your content on 3rd party (other) websites all over the internet. Getting your website, business, or brand mentioned on other websites is the main goal of this off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is most likely something you've heard about before in relation to creating links to your website or link building. Besides just getting links, these days off-page SEO often and more impotantly involves gaining local citations (NAP), brand mentions, social media engagement, and reviews on 3rd party websites. 

Understanding how Google presents local search results and spotlights local companies is essential for effective local SEO. Utah Digital Marketing Experts works with your dental office to establish a strong online presence using directory listings that are optimized for search engines using local relevant keywords and citations that will make your practice more appealing to potential patients in your area.

Some of our SEO tasks that are performed for our dental customers are: 

-Choosing regionally relevant target keywords can help you outrank your rivals and boost organic traffic to your dentistry website.
-Performing an on-site optimization of your current website.
-Resolving technical issues that may have an effect on your SEO.
-Creating citations promoting your business on local directories.
-Correcting any inconsistencies in your name, address opr phone number (NAP) online. 
-Choosing regionally relevant target keywords can help you outrank your rivals and boost organic traffic to your dentistry website.
-Highlighting regional information that will interest your target audience.
-Helping you to attract local reviews from happy patients. 

At Utah Digital Marketing Experts, we run the best SEO campaigns for our dental customers. We have no long-term commitments for our services, which means we must achieve results of lose your business. We understand this, which is why we make it happen every time.

Please reach out for a FREE SEO & internet marketing consultation with our expert, Brenan Gale.